Atlanta Case Evaluation Attorneys

Sometimes before a client is ready to commit to filing a lawsuit or submitting the issue to arbitration for resolution, the client wants to know, “How good is my case?”

Attorneys evaluating case in Atlanta, GA.

Understanding the relative strengths and weaknesses of a case can help a client determine a subsequent course of action. This is where Case Evaluation comes into play. It is a neutral assessment of the case by an independent evaluator who reviews both the substantive facts and the legal implications. Key words here are “neutral” and “independent.” The evaluator is not hired to “make a case,” but only to give an objective assessment based on the facts and law. For many clients the process serves as a reality check to determine whether the case is worth pursuing. After the case evaluation, a client can decide to go to court or to try another form of “alternative dispute resolution” such as mediation or arbitration.

In some cases, the case evaluator is hired by both parties in a dispute and the assessment is shared. This gives both parties the same neutral and independent assessment of the case.

Cauthorn Nohr & Owen attorneys have broad experience in formal case evaluation and can offer clients independent and confidential assessments before they commit to further legal action.


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