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Education is an honored profession in Georgia where teachers and administrators face numerous professional hazards that can require legal assistance or a discrimination attorney. Metro Atlanta teachers are required to meet strict ethical standards, many of which are evaluated with subjective interpretation. When an educator is accused of running afoul of ethical standards, it can be a serious legal matter. Educators, as well as those in a variety of other areas of employment, can be subject to age, race or gender discrimination, unfairly denied unemployment benefits, or accused of criminal conduct for innocent actions.

Education in Georgia is governed by numerous constitutional provisions, state laws, and local school-district policies, regulations and guidelines. Bettina S. Davies has brought to Cauthorn Nohr & Owen her many years of experience defending the rights of teachers and administrators for a wide range of issues, including ethical conduct; wrongful demotion, suspension, non-renewal or termination; criminal charges; and contract disputes.

As top Atlanta discrimination lawyer for more than 18 years, Davies has been part of a statewide network of attorneys who handle cases referred by the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) and its more than 84,000 members. She advises and guides educators through negotiations and litigation until a fair and just settlement or verdict is reached.

Legal victories led by Davies and CNO attorneys include:

  • A recent Georgia Supreme Court decision in favor of a Cherokee County teacher that clarified the role of Georgia teachers when it comes to reporting suspected child abuse. The ruling strengthened the protection of teachers by clearly defining when a teacher is “attending” a child. CNO represented the Cherokee County teacher. – Read the full ruling
  • The denial by the Georgia Court of Appeals of an appeal brought by Atlanta Public Schools from a Fulton County Superior Court ruling that awarded legal fees to a teacher who was deemed unfairly terminated by the school system. Davies represented the Atlanta teacher. – Read the full ruling

Cauthorn Nohr & Owen can be a valuable partner to educators seeking to honor their responsibilities and protect their rights.


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