Big injuries may result in big recoveries. Does your attorney know how to maximize potential sources for those recoveries?

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Every year more than 100,000 Georgia motorists are injured or killed in traffic collisions caused by negligence.  Some of these cases are catastrophic, resulting in death, serious injury, loss of limb, or an inability to work.  The ability to recover those losses is often dependent upon successfully identifying insurance coverage.

The issue of insurance coverage for victims can be complicated.  In serious cases, the coverage may be too low to cover the high costs of hospital bills, loss of income, and damages for pain and suffering.  Cauthorn Nohr & Owen has a long history of success in handling cases of catastrophic injuries and identifying coverage for their client’s damages.

“Identifying adequate sources of coverage can present challenges in cases of serious injury and loss,” says Jay Nohr, an attorney with more than 20 years of experience handling civil litigation in the state and federal courts.  “You need to know the territory to maximize the available coverage and resources available.  Some attorneys  only consider the most obvious coverage options, which are often grossly insufficient and fail to consider and pursue  available alternatives.”

In one case, CNO represented a client seriously injured in a collision caused by an employee who went home to get supplies and ran a red light returning to work.  The victim required surgery and extensive rehabilitation in order to walk again, and eventually was forced to retire early. 

Unfortunately, the employee’s insurance coverage was minimal and too low to cover the client’s injuries.  Through investigation and discovery, Jay Nohr  proved that the driver was engaged in a work related errand, which made additional coverage available to the client — 20 times more.  Jay also found even more additional coverage available through the uninsured motorist provisions of his client’s umbrella coverage.  The insurance company contested this, but Nohr cited little-known provisions in Georgia law that enabled him to expand the coverage.  In addition, Nohr persuaded the court that the employer’s insurance should be applied because the dog groomer was acting within the scope of his work at the time of the accident.

A catastrophic injury case can be a complicated legal fight.  Clients need a determined lawyer who understands the complexities of both the law and the insurance industry. 

“We know where to look for additional coverage and how to present them to obtain a favorable ruling on liability, which can shorten the trial and maximize the prospects for recovery at trial ,” says Nohr.

The CNO Team