Want to keep a DUI charge from becoming a DUI conviction?

If you’re charged with a DUI, your next steps can drastically affect the outcome of your case. Want to keep your license? There are ways to do that. Can’t imagine going to jail? Get the guidance you need to navigate the legal system.

“A DUI is a serious charge,” says Marijane Cauthorn, managing partner for Cauthorn Nohr & Owen. “You want to do everything you can to avoid going to jail on top of everything else that you will be required to do.”

Here are three immediate steps to take that can pay off in the long run:

Write and send your 10-day letter to the Department of Driver Services.

Even when charged with DUI, you have the right to drive in Georgia. It is likely your license will be suspended, but if you send the 10 day letter you can appeal this ruling at your hearing.

Hire an attorney before your arraignment.

You are staring down large fines, probation, and even jail time. The fines and probation are almost a given, but if you want to stay out of jail then you will want to hire an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can also negotiate work permits and conditional driving permissions.

Create a timeline of the events leading up to your arrest.

The more details you can share, the better your attorney can support you. And the sooner you jot them down, the clearer your memory will be. When creating this timeline, recount where you were before the incident, what medications may you have taken, how many drinks you had, and when you had them.

“You don’t want this to turn into a guessing game in court,” says Ms. Cauthorn. “A judge will have a hard time believing someone stumbling over their thoughts and trying to remember what happened when.” 

Timing matters when you’re charged with DUI. Act quickly — and let Cauthorn Nohr & Owen help.


The CNO Team