Are you a Spring Break Chaperone? Enforce the law

The Florida panhandle has long been a Spring Break hot spot, especially for the Atlanta area. And like everywhere else in the United States, the legal drinking age is 21.  Spring Break, minors, and alcohol are a bad combination, and almost always lead to trouble. Here are some tips if you are traveling with teens this year:

  • Educate the kids you are responsible for on the trip. Hundreds of minors are arrested each year on Spring Break for underage drinking or being drunk in public. Their second biggest mistake, besides drinking in the first place, is pulling out a fake ID. Showing a cop a fake ID will not get a teenager out of trouble—it will make things worse. A first offense for Minor In Possession can result in a hefty fine and possibly jail time. Using a fake ID could result in third degree felony charges, an even larger fine and more jail time.  Make sure the minors you are responsible for are aware of the law.
  • Be the strict parent. Being 21 years old to purchase and consume alcohol is not your rule, it’s the law. If you are caught supplying alcohol or allowing minors to drink, you could face fines or arrest yourself. Don’t be afraid to be the strict parent. It could save you thousands and even a life.
  • Hire a lawyer. If something does go wrong, a lawyer can help make the situation better by taking immediate action and offering legal advice throughout the legal process. A lawyer can help you understand options related to reducing jail time, fines, and getting charges expunged from the record. You do not want to do this alone.

The beautiful weather and white sandy beaches make the panhandle a top Spring Break destination, but something in the air makes kids just a little bit wilder during this particular week. Be sure to discuss your expectations with the teens before you hit the beach, informing them of the laws as well as your rules and consequences. And if you run into trouble, let us help.

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