Atlanta’s Caring Lawyers: Tips on selecting elder care

Drive around north Atlanta and you’ll see signs for new senior care facilities popping up all over the place. “Coming Soon.” “Senior Living.” “Memory Care Available Here.” As our parents age, we want them to be close to us and close to the neighborhoods where they’ve lived for years. What do you look for when you are seeking care for an elderly parent? That’s a question too many will ask as the elder population grows. According to the latest U.S. Census figures, there are more than 1.03 million people over the age of 65 living in Georgia. Nearly 114,000 of those are age 85 or older. While the older population is most likely to live inside a metro area, people ages 85 and older are living in 39 of Georgia’s 159 counties.

If elder care is on your radar, here are some questions to consider about the facilities you are considering:

Does the facility meet state and federal standards?

There are a variety of state and federal regulations that must be followed by elder care facilities. If you need help understanding Georgia law related to elder care facilities, CNO attorneys can help.

Have there been legal complaints against the facility, especially related to elder abuse?

Abuse of older or disabled adults is one of the most under-reported problems in the United States. Georgia’s Division of Aging Services offers more information about signs of elder abuse.

Is the center staffed for the type of care your family member needs?

Different facilities specialize in different types of care. For example, memory care requires special staffing. AARP offers a checklist to use when you’re comparing facilities.

Selecting the right elder care facility for your mother or father is not an easy task. At Cauthorn Nohr & Owen, Atlanta’s caring lawyers, we can help answer legal questions related to this decision.