Divorce doesn’t have to disrupt the holidays

If you are divorced — or are going through a divorce — you can still enjoy a peaceful holiday. Here are some ideas to help keep the stress level down.

Resist the sentimental urge to bend the custody agreement.

You certainly want to be agreeable for the sake of the children, but there’s a reason you have a divorce agreement and generally, those boundaries should stay in place. If your ex puts forth what you think may be a reasonable exception, don’t change anything without checking with your lawyer. The Big question to consider: Does making this change have unintended consequences?

Questions may arise over taking the kids on a holiday trip, extending visits, or changing schedules. All may be reasonable, but as former President Ronald Reagan said,” trust but verify.”

Use the holiday downtime to clear up outstanding financial issues.

For example, your federal tax filing status is determined by your marital status on the last day of the year, but different states may have different requirements. Do you have what you need to file as a single parent? Your Will will also need adjusting once your divorce is final.

If in doubt, seek legal advice.

Absolutely keep the well-being of the children at the top of your mind. Do things with good motives to set the precedent of a smooth transition, but don’t let it lead to an entanglement you will regret. You’ve hired a lawyer — use them!

There are many ways to handle divorce in Georgia. At Cauthorn Nohr & Owen, we provide legal services for simple uncontested divorces, divorces that involve complex asset division, and even divorces that involve hostile child custody battles. The right lawyer will concentrate on getting the best results for you.

You may also consider mediation, another option that has become increasingly popular in divorce, child custody, and visitation cases. Consult a lawyer to see if it is the best for your case.

Take care of your best interests.

If you are a stay at home mom, you may find helpful tips here.

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