Looking for a personal injury attorney? Ask these important questions

By Jason L. Nohr

If you’ve ever been injured in an accident you know the pain is more than physical.  The emotional and financial stress can be even more debilitating. You need allies as you sort through the maze of legal proceedings that often accompany serious injuries.  Before you retain an attorney, however, be clear on exactly what the firm you select can offer.

Jason L. Nohr

Jason L. Nohr

Here are some questions that can help you make the right decision for you:

Does the attorney you retain handle the entire case?

In most cases, you’ll want the answer to be yes. At Cauthorn Nohr & Owen, we believe it’s important that the attorney you select supervise all aspects of the case and be personally involved with client interaction, negotiations, court appearances, and settlements.

Are others from this law firm ever involved in my case?

That will depend on the unique circumstances of your case. CNO offers attorneys with a broad base of experience and knowledge to provide its clients with the best possible options and advice that may be needed for each situation. That’s why you want to select a firm with a “deep bench” of attorneys with a wide range of experience, ready to assist in your case as needed.

Would you ever call in attorneys from other law firms in my case?

Again, that will depend on the circumstances of your case. At CNO, the assistance of outside counsel is typically unnecessary because the depth and diversity of experience in our firm positions us to handle nearly every conceivable situation. Our attorneys are prepared to obtain winning results for our clients at trial or negotiate a favorable settlement, depending on the circumstances and the best interest of the client.

How do you decide whether to settle or go to court?

That’s your decision based on the circumstances of your case and recommendations from the right attorney. In some cases it’s wise (and less expensive) to settle. In other cases, a trial is the appropriate course of action. More importantly, insurance companies typically present the best settlement offers to those prepared to win at trial. That is why you need representation by counsel who is both experienced and capable of succeeding at trial and providing you the best settlement options.

Whomever you choose to represent you, be sure it’s a firm with experience trying and resolving serious personal injury cases.  Here, for example, are three cases we’ve handled.

  • The court determined negligence resulted in a boating collision that caused the death of a swimmer on a Georgia lake. Represented by CNO attorneys Tom Cauthorn and Jason Nohr, the client recovered $2 million.

  • Another case handled by Nohr resulted in a $305,000 recovery for a client involved in an automobile wreck that caused a wrist injury.

  • Nohr’s client involved in a golf cart collision at a resort was also awarded $305,000.

One last word: Avoid the firms that take on cases simply to make a quick settlement regardless of the clients’ bests interests.  The objective should always be outcomes that are best for the clients, not the attorneys.

Jason L. Nohr (“Jay”) is an experienced trial attorney with nearly 20 years of experience handling complex civil litigation matters in the state and federal trial courts of Georgia.