The right support is critical when divorcing

Divorce is a journey you don’t have to travel alone. While you will certainly want to gather a village of support, there are three people you absolutely should have on your team: a lawyer, a financial advisor, and a recently divorced friend. A lawyer: There are many different ways to handle divorce in Georgia. Cauthorn Nohr & Owen provide legal services for simple uncontested divorces, divorces that involve the complex division of assets, and divorces that involve hostile child custody battles. The right lawyer will concentrate on getting results that will satisfy you going forward.

A financial advisor: There is no one size fits all nor one formula to determine how to divide assets, so it is important to be as financially aware as possible. The first step in gaining control of your finances during your divorce is to prepare an accurate current budget. A financial advisor can help you gather information from past tax returns, bank statements, and other components of your family’s expenses. In Georgia, a parent is obligated to support his or her children, regardless of the parent’s marital status. A financial advisor, along with a lawyer, can assist you in determining the proper child support for your situation, as well as weigh the options for appropriate spousal support, if necessary.

A recently divorced friend: Don’t overlook the important role a recently divorced friend can play. About one in one hundred people a year divorce in Georgia, so the odds are high that someone in your inner circle has traveled this road before. A friend not only has experience on the legal side of divorce, but she also knows you and your family.

If divorce is the right decision for you, we can help.

Cauthorn Nohr & Owen’s attorneys Lisa Owen and Marijane Cauthorn specialize in divorce and family law. Learn more about Cauthorn Nohr & Owen’s divorce services.