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Mediation, like arbitration, is a tool for “alternative dispute resolution.” That means if two or more parties wish to avoid the time and cost of taking a lawsuit to court, the parties can agree to engage a mediator to help them resolve their differences themselves, without judge or jury.


Whereas arbitration gives the power of the final decision to the arbitrator, mediation relies on the parties to come to a common ground resolution. Mediators have no power to impose a resolution; they simply help the parties come to agreement.

There are many advantages to mediation. Generally it takes less time than going to court, and as a result, costs less. Additionally, the process is completely confidential, unlike most court proceedings, which are public.

Because the parties involved have mutually agreed to work with a mediator, the results of a successful mediation tend to be longer lasting. Compliance with the agreement is an issue acknowledged by the parties at the beginning of the process, not wrestled with after the agreement is in place.

Cauthorn Nohr & Owen has several attorneys trained and certified in mediation and ready to help clients reach satisfactory settlements. Our attorneys certified in mediation include T.E. CauthornMarijane Cauthorn and Bettina Davies.


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