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Few areas of the law deal with more sensitive matters than divorce and family law. When it comes to areas like child custody, clients can be confused, stressed, and at loss for what to do next. When there’s a need for an Atlanta divorce lawyer, it's smart to turn to Cauthorn Nohr & Owen.

Divorce attorneys must be both experienced and empathetic. As Atlanta’s caring lawyers, we have proven ability to support our clients as well as get results. Attorneys Tom Cauthorn, Lisa Owen, Bettina Davies, Marijane Cauthorn and Jennifer Suggs have extensive experience in divorce and family law matters. 

Because divorce and family law disputes can be emotionally draining experiences, they require attorneys to handle a wide range of cases with respect and professionalism – from simple uncontested divorces to complex division of assets to hostile child custody battles. Cauthorn Nohr & Owen attorneys can assist in cases involving visitation, child support, property division, alimony, legal protections, civil law, legal relationships, adoption, settlement, and spousal support.

Our Results:

  • $150,000+ RECOVERY (Divorce): Client received an award of over $150,000 in attorney fees (Tom Cauthorn and Lisa Owen)

  • $45,000 RECOVERY (Contempt action for failure to pay child support): Recovery of past-due child support from father who refused to pay the proper amount of child support for over six years. (Lisa Owen)

  • $45,000 RECOVERY (Modification of Custody): Attorney’s fees recovered in a child support modification action. (Lisa Owen)

  • $150,000 RECOVERY (Contested Divorce action). Attorney’s fees recovered in a contested divorce action for a 15-year marriage, no children. (Tom Cauthorn and Lisa Owen)

  • $20,000 RECOVERY (Contested Divorce action): Attorney’s fees recovered in a contested divorce action. (Lisa Owen)

  • $15,000 monthly lump sum alimony for 15 years RECOVERY (Contested Divorce, Alimony): Alimony awarded to wife in a 15-year marriage, no children. (Tom Cauthorn and Lisa Owen)

  • Over $350,000 in equitable division of property awarded to wife. RECOVERY (Contested Divorce): Action involving equitable division of real estate, businesses and other assets. (Lisa Owen)

  • RESULTS (Divorce, Contested Custody, Alimony): Mother awarded sole legal custody of child, restrictive visitation to father, and $400 monthly alimony for four years in a short-term marriage. (Tom Cauthorn and Lisa Owen)

  • RESULTS (Contested Custody): Successfully challenged the report of the Guardian ad Litem. Mother awarded primary physical custody. (Lisa Owen)

  • RESULTS (Child Support Modification): Ex-wife brought action to modify custody and visitation based upon ex-husband’s repetitive use of narcotics. Trial judge awarded supervision and restrictive visitation in protection of the children. (Lisa Owen)

  • RESULTS (Divorce, Custody): Father awarded joint custody of the minor children, and the authority to make medical decisions regarding children even though he resided out of state. No alimony awarded to wife for long-term marriage. (Lisa Owen)

  • RESULTS (Modification of Custody): Successfully challenged a Guardian ad Litem report recommending custody change to parent that remained in the State of Georgia after Mother moved out of state. (Tom Cauthorn and Lisa Owen)

  • RESULTS (Modification or Custody): Father awarded custody of teenage children despite ex-wife being a stay-at-home mom. (Lisa Owen)

  • RESULTS (Contempt Action): Successfully brought action against former husband for harassment of his ex-wife. (Lisa Owen)


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